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It’s a river, but something seems off?
It’s not from our icy land, The Berg.

An overpass is needed to
connect Web2 & Web3

Read the note.
Check back soon!

It’s time for Lil Pudgys to become their own stars.

Crafting the Berg will take some time

Cutting down barriers between
us and them

Pay attention and connect the dots

A chip is needed

Bears never stood a chance

1+1+1+1 = x; x ≠ 4

In a digital realm, where penguins swirl,
In a land of magic, where dreams unfurl.
An extension of Pudgy Toys' delight,
Where flippers flapping, fill the night.
With screens aglow, and pixels bright,
They dance and sing, through the digital night.
Meeting friends, and chatting away,
In this experience so mystical, where dreams play.
And as they swim, in streams of light,
Their laughter echoes, in this digital sight.
Escaping reality, and embracing the fun,
In this experience so magical, where dreams begun.
So when they leave, and return to earth,
Their hearts are filled, with joy and mirth.
Thanks to Pudgy Toys, and this digital space,
Where penguins play, and dreams embrace.